A workshop only for and specialized in the Alfa Romeo Giulia GT 1300 Junior Zagato and the 1600 Junior Zagato, based on experience of many years.

For small restoration projects.

Main thing is that the work is done purely based on passion and love for this fastastic Alfa Romeo.

With our work we hope to help Junior Z owners.

But also to achieve that we save Junior Zagato's as many as we can
and bring them back on the road to enjoy marvellous driving.

For the legacy of an outstanding car brand with a fantastic history.


For more information you can send an e-mail to:




for a fact.


Sooner or later the decision should have been made.

We will explain the "why" and "how" on the next pages.





In our garage we had a Junior Zagato date of birth january 1972, obtained in 1994.
The car looked in good condition but then.......;
at first the rear bumper was taken off

and we found it corroded, not only the bumper itself but also the bodyparts behind.....;

then holes in the rear body of the car.....

and then it all started.................


Junior Z Concours d'Antwerp (2017)
Junior Z Concours d'Antwerp (2017)



Just before the Alfa Romeo Centennial
we had our Junior Z  ready.............

Every part of the car, inside and outside was renovated or replaced, every detail went through our own fingers.

We have tried to bring the JZ in a mint condition.
Sometimes we succeeded to make things even beter than new.

Ever since it's only enjoying the ride!

A wish for every JZ owner.

In search for more projects?!


Through our activities for "the Junior Zagato Archives", we found out that there are still many JZ projects all over the world.

With owners who have the car standing in a garage, as a project, but do not start, because (like us at the time) do not know where, how and with whom to start restoring their Junior Z or 1600 Z.

Maybe they do not start because they have found out :

- how difficult it is to find the proper background information and/or
- mechanics with knowledge of the JZ are scarse,
- that spare parts are not or very difficult to find or
- they simply do not have time to start with their project

- and:
   up front they do not know, from the financially point of view,
   where the end of this experiment will be ?


For us :

"it is a great honor and it gives a lot of fun and satisfaction to work on a JZ 
and to be able to make a dream come true whom ever it may concern!! "


First we started with small projects, like :

Secondly (because more HJZA members ask for this),

after thorough inventory and orientation about the specific Junior Zagato or 1600 Z
and ......................making a financial plan/budget:


total restoration : (together with a small group of reliable restorers with JZ knowledge):

Latest reproduction overview

Through the years, when our own Spare Parts Stock of the Junior Zagato started to dry out, we decided to reproduce parts.
Examples of new production, you can find on the other pages of this website.

The latest reproductions (January 2018) are:

- door panels for the Junior Z 1300
- console and tunnel JZ 1300
- SS Covers front bumper
- SS Covers  rear bumper

In the planning now are:

- the armrests for the Junior Z 1300
- hub emblems for the wheels

Latest purchased body / interior parts Junior Zagato 1300 / 1600 Z

Centraal Documentatiecentrum AR
Centraal Documentatiecentrum AR
Atelier Zagato, Milaan
Atelier Zagato, Milaan
Het begin...de schetsen van Ercole Spada
Het begin...de schetsen van Ercole Spada
Bijna klaar...!
Bijna klaar...!
Centro Storico Alfa Romeo, Milaan
Centro Storico Alfa Romeo, Milaan
Junior Z 1600 (1972)
Junior Z 1600 (1972)

Just left in the picture one Junior Z in the beatiful private museum of the COZZI brothers, only to be visited after appoinment.
(note: 2 x klick on the picture will lead you to te Museum!)

(note: 2 x klick for enlargement of the picture)
Junior Z 1300 (2011) © Gino Sanna (note: 2 x klick enlarges picture!)
Junior Z 1300 (2011) © Nancy Hendriks
Junior Z 1300 (2011) © Nancy Hendriks


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